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What Did Winston Churchill Fear The Impact Of The Munich Agreement Would Be

Nevelle Chamberlain is coming back from MunichIf I am not starting this afternoon to pay the Prime Minister the usual and almost immutable tributes for his handling of this crisis, it is certainly not out of personal disrespect. We have always had, for many years, very pleasant relationships, and I have deeply understood, from the personal experience of mine in a similar crisis, the stress and stress that he had to endure; But I`m sure it`s better to say exactly what we think of public affairs, and that`s certainly not the time when it`s worth courting political popularity. We are invited to vote in favour of this proposal which has been put forward in the document and it is certainly a very undisputed proposal, as is the amendment that has been postponed by the opposition. For my part, I am not in a position to agree with the measures taken and, since the Chancellor of the Exchequer has put his side so forcefully, I will try to approach the matter from a different angle, if I may. I have always believed that peacekeeping depends on the accumulation of deterrents against the aggressor, with a sincere effort to remedy the situation. Mr. Hitler`s victory was, like so many famous fights that determined the fate of the world, the closest. I think that the conditions that the Prime Minister has brought could have been agreed at any time of the summer through the usual diplomatic channels. And I say this, I think that the Czechs who left themselves to their own devices and said that they would not get the help of western forces, would have been able to make better conditions than they had after all this enormous disruption; they could not have been worse. During my vacation, I thought it was a chance to study the reign of King Ethelred of immaturity.

The house will remember that this was a period of great misfortune, during which we quickly fell into chaos from the strong position we had acquired among the descendants of King Alfred. It was the time of money currency and foreign pressure. I must say that the brutal words of the Anglo-Saxon chronicle, written a thousand years ago, are at least as good to me as shakespeare`s quotations which delighted the last speaker of the opposition bank.

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