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Visual Studio Setup Project Add License Agreement

If the configuration contains pre-installation conditions, these conditions will be displayed by the Boostrapper before the MSI. To view the EULA in the starter trapper, please follow these steps: I can`t replicate this – works perfectly in the 2005 VS configuration projects. I added the “License Agreement” dialog box and searched the LicenseFile property to my RTF file. When your installation project is open in Visual Studio, click the right project button on the project folder explorer, view “View” and click “User Interface.” Double-click on “Application folder-> Add Files and choose ” license.rtf “. I am trying to create a simple installation program and I wanted to insert a licensing agreement. In the Add the Dialog box, click the “License Agreement” icon and “OK.” A licensing form is added to your installation program in the Start group. I have a test project that I did, and it still hasn`t worked. Open a “WordPad” and add some content and save it as a “license .rtf.” In Word Pad standard extension is only rtf. Steps to add a license agreement to the desktop installation application:Step 1: Click right on the installation project in the Project Folder Explorer, then choose the View->User Interface option as shown below: First create an empty project folder and add a Windows form project. Slide the “License Agreement” dialog box into the list to rearrange where it is displayed in the configuration sequence. Note: Before you add a license file, create the license file in .rtf (Rich Text format) on your computer.

I added a new license dialog box, then I added the license file to the RTF format to the installation project and specified the LicenseFile ownership of the License Agreement dialog box. If you can`t find the text file that contains your license agreement, you need to add it to your installation project. To do this, select the “Browse” option in the “LicenseFile” drop-down field. In the posted dialog box, double-click on the location where your license agreement should be copied to the target computer (probably the “application folder”), then click the “Add a File” button. Your license agreement should be called the “.rtf license” and coded as an RTF file. Now install the installation file then you can see that after the welcome screen, the option of the license agreement would be displayed by the user as shown in the graph below: Step 9: Select the license contract file in .rtf extension stored from your computer, then click the OK button as shown in the graph below: With the dialogue box “License Contract” selected , use the “Properties” window to customize options based on your app`s demand. The most important thing to define here is the “LicenseFile” property, which shows the text file containing the license agreement to display.

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