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Sublet Agreement Ottawa

You must enter into an agreement with your tenant that ends on a specific date. This date should be: If you have roommates and you are only planning to sublet your room, you should discuss the situation with your current roommates and make sure they are in good standing with a potential stranger who lives with them. Make sure your roommates meet the potential sublessee before they settle in and make sure everyone agrees on how rent and incidental fees are paid when the sub-note settles down. 99. For a tenant who has sublet a rental unit, the following provisions apply in the event of necessary changes, as if the tenant were the tenant`s landlord and subtenant of the tenants: 2. If necessary, authorize, by decision, another assignment or subletting proposed by the tenant. (a) the assignee is liable to the lessor for any breach of the tenant`s obligations and may assert against the lessor any of the obligations of the tenancy agreement or this law if the breach or obligation relates to the period following the transfer, the breach or obligation relates to a period prior to the transfer; 97. (1) A tenant may sublet a rental unit to another person with the landlord`s consent. 2006, about 17, 97 (1). In the end, don`t be dragged into despair in choosing an unwanted sub-letter. Paying rent for a period of time in two places is a much better option than renting your apartment to a tenant in bad behavior. 98. (1) A tenant or former tenant of a rental unit may apply to the board for an order finding that the lessor arbitrarily or inappropriately refused consent to the transfer or subletting of a rental unit to a potential assignee or subtenant.

2006, about 17, 98 (1). 1. Order that assignment or under-performance is allowed. If a tenant has surrendered or sublet without the landlord`s consent, the lessor has 60 days after the discovery of the new tenant to ask the landlord and the tenant council to terminate the entire lease. If the landlord does nothing, after 60 days, it is considered the admission of the new tenant. Most rentals establish that subletting contracts are only allowed with the consent of your landlord – so it`s a good idea to check with your landlord and ask if you can sublet your apartment and, if so, what is needed during the subletting process (for example. B, your landlord can ask the new tenant to go through an incoming application process). Be careful in choosing who you want to sublet. If they cause damage or do not pay rent, you may have to pay.

If you decide to sublet without authorization (and your rental agreement clearly states that an authorization is required), the landlord can remove the sub-note and make you responsible for the rest of the rent and/or damage to the rent.

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