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Markham Public Library Collective Agreement

Andy Taylor, Markham`s Executive Director, said: “The ratification of this agreement is an important step for both parties and demonstrates our commitment to ensuring a healthy balance between an environment of economic constraints and the important role our employees play in providing outstanding municipal services to the City of Markham.” “Over the next four years, this agreement will give our members, the City of Markham, and especially residents the certainty that they will continue to receive the quality public services they expect and deserve,” said Dave Davies, Unit Chair of CUPE Locals 905.14 and 905.15. If you are an ambulance driver, please read section 2.4 of your collective agreement to understand what happens in the case of #8 (strike or lockout). As soon as a no board report was called, the Ontario Ministry of Labour appointed a mediator to lead the negotiations. It may be the same person who acted as mediator, but the mediator now plays a more active role in finding areas of agreement and compromise. If the parties are too far apart and cannot reach an agreement, a conciliation officer (someone trained to lead the negotiations) is asked by the Ministry of Labour in Ontario. Previous collective agreements expired on March 31, 2016. The agreements were ratified by the Council on 10 August 2017 and by the EU on 17 August 2017. If it is still not possible to reach an agreement with an arbitrator, either the union or the employer can ask the Ministry of Labour for a no board report. Upon request, the ministry will publish within 5 days a “No Board Report” triggering a 17-day working day before a lockout or strike is possible. The lockout/strike ends only if an agreement is reached through other negotiations or if the province introduces a law reintroducing work.

The City of Markham and the Local Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) 905.14 and 905.15 have ratified four-year collective agreements for unionized workers in Markham. If an agreement can be reached through negotiation, the agreement must be ratified by both the employer and the union. The unit will hold a ratification vote for its members. Members will be informed in advance of the location and date of ratification votes. If members reject the proposed agreement, the parties will return to the negotiating table to continue negotiations. If an agreement is reached during a lockout/strike and the members do not support the conditions in the colony, the lockout/strike continues.

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