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Intuit Merchant Service Agreement

The first of your intuite versions of reseller services is QuickBooks Online Payments. If you think twice about Intuit reseller services, take a look at these alternatives: thank you for selecting the services offered by Intuit Limited. and/or its subsidiaries and related companies (referred to as “Intuit”, “we”, “us” or “us”). Read these Terms of Use (“Agreement”) carefully. This agreement is a favorable agreement between you and Intuit. By clicking on “I agree” and specifying the acceptance electronically or by installing, accessing or using the Services, you agree to this Agreement. If you do not agree to this agreement, you may not use the Services. 27. the electronic authorization and the authorization of the customer in due form; Customer receipts. You must obtain electronic authorization for all credit and debit card transactions. If for any reason you cannot obtain electronic authorization, you must request voice authorization from a particular authorization center and print the read authorization number on the customer`s note and on your copy of the supporting document. You should not attempt to obtain electronic authorization for an expired credit or debit card. All transactions using an expired or void card cannot be processed and the transaction is considered invalid.

You agree to make reasonable efforts to retain or restore a card if you receive instructions, if you request electronic authorization to keep a customer`s card. In performing this obligation, you agree not to violate the peace or to violate cardholders, persons or property. You must also obtain authorization from a customer or payer on methods acceptable to us and in accordance with the rules before entering into a card or payment transaction. You must follow all the instructions you will receive during the authorization process. Once the authorization is received, you can only complete the authorized transaction. When authorization is requested, it is assumed that you have guaranteed the true identity of the customer as a cardholder, cheque recorder or payer. Transactions are considered invalid on expired cards, whether or not authorization has been obtained. Authorizations are not a guarantee of acceptance or payment of any transaction and do not waive any provision of this Agreement or otherwise validate a fraudulent transaction or transaction involving the use of an expired card or other payment instrument. We may refuse authorization of a transaction and we are not liable to you if authorization of a transaction is not granted. You have no claim or right to receive payments from a cardholder, payer or customer in a payment transaction if for any reason we refuse to authorize the transaction. You also agree to provide a customer, cardholder or payer, at the time of the transaction, with a complete and legible receipt of a payment transaction or refund.

You must retain a copy of the distributor`s receipt in accordance with applicable rules and information security and confidentiality requirements for at least three (3) years after the closing date of a card or other payment transaction (or for a longer period if required by the rules). . . .

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