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H2020 Grant Agreement Definitions

Before the signature of the first Horizon 2020 grant, the legal representative of each beneficiary shall appoint a representative of the legal entity (LEAR). The legal representative signs a paper document in blue ink. Learn more about the LEAR appointment. PLSIGN signs amendments to grant agreements and PFSIGN signs financial statements through the same process. See also the video on “Electronic Signature of Grant Documents” If the JRC is a recipient, it must sign Annex 3b (not Annex 3) as a membership form. The JRC and the Commission must sign the management agreement online at the time of signing the financial assistance. During the development of a grant agreement, each beneficiary chooses one or more legal signatories for the project and each of them can sign online. The general rules on intellectual property rights are set out in the rules for participation applicable to all support programmes implemented under Horizon 2020, as well as in the grant agreement signed between the beneficiaries and the European funding organisation. A company participating in Horizon 2020 and concluding an agreement with a supporting organisation or the Commission, for example a grant agreement with the Commission, must comply with these rules. The Commission prepares the grant agreement for signature.

A PDF document, digitally sealed to ensure its security, reliability and authenticity, is provided via the electronic exchange system of the Funding & Tenders portal (My Area). Before signing the grant agreement, the PLSIGN of each beneficiary must sign a declaration of honour (“grant declaration” in the system) according to the same procedure as described in point 3 below. See the Declaration of Honour template for general grants and a separate honour statement template for low-value grant agreements. Where joint and several liability has been requested but the declaration is not made as described above, the beneficiary shall not be considered a party to the grant agreement. This issue is treated as if the membership form had not been signed. The competent interlocutors of the coordinating organisation (CoCo, LEAR) and the participant concerned (PaCo, LEAR) are informed when a membership form has been signed. Horizon 2020 has no specific requirements to identify the background of project proposals. Horizon 2020 has a number of new functions that enable it to drive growth and address societal challenges. This includes providing reliable information to the Commission or the agency concerned on behalf of the beneficiary. He or she appoints on the Funding & Tenders portal the persons entitled to subscribe: contacts with participants (PaCo) or coordination contacts (CoCos) must select legal signatories (LSIGN) and financial signatories (FSIGNs) from the lists established by the LEAR for a particular project. They are then called project Legal Signatories (PLSIGNs) and Project Financial Signatories (PFSIGNs).

If you need more information about the roles and appointment processes of the portal, please see the section on roles and access rights. The intellectual property rules for Horizon 2020 have been included in the rules for participation, as was the case in the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). The Horizon 2020 participation rules and the general GA model oblige the parties to “identify and agree in writing in one way or another” on the context of the project. Although not mandatory, it is recommended to agree on the context before signing the grant agreement to ensure that beneficiaries have access to what is necessary for the implementation of the action or the exploitation of the project results. . . .

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