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Gift Agreement Canada

A deed of gift is a legal document used to formally donate a sum of money or to transfer ownership from another person or organization. The use of a deed of gift means that the transmission is free: the donor (the person who gives the gift) does so unconditionally and without any expectation of future compensation. In these cases, the Advancement Office will make every attempt to consult with the donor or his/her family member to discuss the amendment of the gift contract. If no living relatives can be found, the university reserves the right to change the conditions. The university will keep the conditions as close as possible to the intention of the original donor. A donor who uses a donation certificate must indicate someone who acts as his agent. The agent shall ensure that the money mentioned in the deed of gift or the object appearing in the deed of gift is delivered to the recipient of the gift. An irrevocable deed of gift is legally binding as soon as the donor gives the deed of gift to the recipient. In this case, you cannot revoke the gift.

They are legally obliged to give the money or object to the recipient. Family inheritance: It may be more satisfying to transfer ownership of an esteemed family inheritance, while the donor and beneficiary are still alive, instead of letting the object bequeath in a final will and will. In this case, you can use a donation certificate to make your family inheritance gift more memorable for you and your loved ones. It IS an irrevocable deed of gift on my part, __ To this end, I make available: a deed of gift can be revocable or irrevocable. A revocable deed of gift allows the giver to cancel the gift at any time before the gift is delivered to the recipient. Even if you give a revocable deed of gift to your intended recipient, you are not legally required to deliver the gift. Compliance with the terms of the donation contract is of the utmost importance for the university; However, it may happen that a gift cannot be used for the intended purpose. The reasons why a fund may not be used for its use are: a donation contract is a contract between the university and a donor. This mutually agreed document communicates the purpose of the gift and ensures that the donor`s wishes are known and understood by the university.

It describes the institution`s responsibilities for the allocation of funds and the use of income and capital. In most cases, donation agreements are between the donor and Dalhousie University. Here are some situations where you can use a deed of gift: Charitable gift: You may decide that you want to make a significant donation of money for a charity or give them a valuable item that they can sell or auction off for money…

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