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Cmrao Admin Agreement

(2.4) Despite a delegation to the office of the managing authority under this Division and without having to revoke the authority, the Minister retains the power to make provisions relating to the matter that is the subject of the delegation. 2020, about 14, ched. 2, p. 7.c) the documents, statutes and decisions of the administrative authority. 3. The managing authority shall comply with the procedures and procedures required with regard to public access to the Authority`s registers and the management of personal data contained in those registers. (2.1) Pursuant to subsection 3 (4) of the Safety and Consumer Protection Act, 1996, the Minister may, by order, delegate to the board of directors of the administrative authority the power to enact some or all of the provisions referred to in subsection 1, subject to the agreement of the Minister. 2020, about 14, ched. 2, p. 7. 2. The managing authority shall make available to the public, in the prescribed manner, the required information on the remuneration of its members of the Management Board or of senior management or employees of the Authority, as well as on any other payments it makes or is to make to the Public. 22 (1) The Comptroller General appointed under the Auditor General Act may conduct an audit of the administrative authority that is not prescribed by the Public Limited Companies Act.

2. Where the Comptroller General carries out an audit in accordance with paragraph 1, the managing authority shall give the Auditor General and the auditor general`s staff access to all records and other information necessary for the performance of the audit. 21 (1) Money collected by an administrative authority in the exercise of its powers and obligations under this Act or the regulations is not public money within the meaning of the Financial Management Act. 15 (1) Subject to the administrative agreement, the managing authority may use or use the services of a qualified person to exercise its powers and obligations under this Act or the regulations. 4. Subject to section 9, the Minister may unilaterally amend the administrative agreement after giving the administrative authority such notification as the Minister considers appropriate in the circumstances. (b) require that verifications be carried out by the managing authority, its activities or both, including but not limited to performance, governance, accountability and financial controls; 2. .

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