My name is Sam. I created this game in hopes it will bring people together. I hope it will give strangers an excuse to be silly around each other.

I hope that by playing this game together we can capture just a small fraction of all the absurd moments, and the kindness of strangers that go unreported every night on the evening news.

This game is and always will be free. If you like the idea, steal it. Change it. Remix it. Just teach others how to do what you did, and make it free as well.

If you have a good time playing this game, and want to see more stuff like this around Portland, check out Community Supported Everything, and consider sending a tip to The Guildhall, which makes this and a lot of other stuff possible by connecting people to do the things they’re passionate about and share their gifts with others. This is something I’ve always wanted to make happen. What have you always wanted to make?


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